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Virtual business cards are used by over 1 million professionals worldwide

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Convert More Leads With The Same Method

Traditional Business Card

Cost: $194/year

(US National Average)

Virtual Business Card

Cost: $5/Month

(Professional Plan)

Use Powerful Networking Features

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Share Information Instantly

Share your information in person or across the globe in seconds. Share with a tap, scan, or send.


Tap one of our accessories to a smart phone to share your virtual card instantly.


Share your custom QR code in person or on marketing material to share your card.


Send your virtual business card as a text, email, airdrop or more to share your card.

Capture New Leads

Capture leads directly from your virtual business card and get notified whenever you receive a new lead. Leads can be sent directly to your CRM!

Lead Generation Mode

Allow users to download your contact when they send you their information.

Send To CRM

Send new leads directly to your CRM to add customers to your drip campaign.

Scan Business Cards

New AI powered business card scanner coming soon!

View Analytics

View analytics about who is viewing your card, the most popular times, click performance, and more.

Measure Views

View how many new views your card is getting along with repeat views.

Measure Clicks

View how many people click the interactive information on your card.


View where your traffic is coming from by breaking down your views by city.

Update Anytime

Update your card anytime, anywhere. All changes you make will be updated in real time and will show next time you use your card.

All Information

Edit all of the information on your card. There is no limitations on what you can edit.

Colors & Design

Update the colors and design of your card to match your brand.

Sharing Image

Update how your card looks when it is shared via text or social media.

Check Out A Live Virtual Business Card

Interact with the phone to check out some of the powerful networking features has to offer.

Check Out A Live Virtual Business Card

Interact with the phone to check out some of the powerful networking features has to offer.

Add Contacts Directly To Contact Book

Interactive Text, Call, Email Buttons

Add Unlimited Unique Links

Link Social Media Accounts

Share Testimonials From Clients

Downloadable PDF Files

List Properties For Sale

Built In Lead Generation

Custom QR codes

Apple Wallet Compatible

Fully Customizable

Our Service Also Includes

Custom Tap Card

For a limited time receive a customized NFC card when you sign up. You can add your name, logo and a QR to your tap card.

Our Tap Cards use NFC technology to transfer your virtual business card to other phones. This is the same technology credit cards use for tap to pay. With this you can transfer your card instantly to another phone.

Life Time Warranty

All NFC Tap cards come with a lifetime warranty included. If your card is ever damaged or defective we will send you a replacement for free!

Priority Support

If you have any issues or questions about your card our support team will respond within 48 hours of your support request. You will also be given access to our priority support email.

Apple Wallet Compatibility

You can now add your card to your apple wallet. Available on free and professional plans. Access your card quickly from anywhere at anytime. 


Create your card in 1 minute or less..

Create an account and select a plan. 

Fill out all of the information you want on your card. Your card will be automatically generated. 

Thats it! You are ready to start sharing your card with the world.

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