Compatible with all smartphones. Both iPhones and Androids

No App Required by either party. Works on all devices.

Lifetime Warranty for any defective products or malfunctions.

The Last Business Card You Will Ever need

Custom Tap Card (Promotion)


The all-in-one business card.
This full print PVC card comes pre-loaded with your virtual business card plus a QR code for instant sharing at any time.
Tap your card to the back of any compatible smartphone or use the QR code on the back to instantly share your Virtual Business Card: – contact info – custom links – websites – social media accounts – testimonials – and more… The other person does not need a VBC to receive your information. I confirm that the images I upload are mine or I am approved to use the design.

VBC accessories are integrated with NFC technology. Currently iPhone XR, iPhone XS, all iPhones 11s, all iPhones 12s, all iPhones 13s, all iPhones 14s and most Androids are compatible. 

Android phones must have their NFC enabled in their settings.

QR codes can be shared with any devices. iPhones can scan with the camera, Androids must use a QR scanner app. 

Virtual Business Cards can be loaded on any compatible device regardless if they have a VBC account.

Full list of compatible devices

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Compatible with all smartphones. Both iPhones and Anrdoids

No App Required by either party. Works on all devices.

Lifetime Warranty for any defective products or malfunctions.

The Last Business Card You Will Ever need


VBC accessories use a wireless technology that allows devices to communicate and transfer data over short distances. It is the same technology used when you tap a credit card to make a payment. Simply tap the accessory to a phone to transfer your card.


No. You do not need an app to use Virtual Business Cards. You can access your card from any browser. 

Only you need a VBC to share your information. Since we are web based your card can be accessed from any device. 

You have the ability to upload your logo or a full design for your card. We will send you a mock-up before we ship your card out for your approval. 

We offer a free plan and a paid plan. You do not need the paid plan to create a VBC or use our accessories. Paid users just have access to a few more features. You can upgrade or downgrade at any time if the paid plan is not for you.


Add Contacts With A Click

Share Your Social Media

Add Unlimited Quick Links

Embed Your Videos

Embeded File Viewer

Add In Email Signature

Update Information Anytime

Edit Antime, Anywhere

Add Client Testimonials

List Properties (Realtors)

Built-in Lead Generation

Downloadable QR code


VBC's advanced technology allows you to easily and efficiently share information with new contacts, impressing them with its speed and effectiveness. With features such as contact sharing, CRM integrations, and business card scanning. VBC helps you turn your connections into valuable customers.

In today's fast-paced world, making a good first impression is crucial in building strong business relationships. Using a virtual business card can help you achieve just that. Unlike traditional paper cards, virtual business cards are not only eco-friendly, but they also offer a more modern and professional appearance.

They are easily shareable, and can be customized to showcase your unique brand and messaging. Additionally, virtual business cards provide a convenient way to stay connected with your contacts as they can be easily saved and accessed on mobile devices. By using a virtual business card, you demonstrate your tech-savviness and willingness to adapt to modern business practices, leaving a positive and lasting first impression on your new connections.