Compatible with all smartphones. Both iPhones and Androids

No App Required by either party. Works on all devices.

Lifetime Warranty for any defective products or malfunctions.

Increase your google reviews instantly!

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Google Review Tap Card


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Increasing Your Reviews Has Never Been Easier

Introducing our game-changing VBC Review Card! This sleek and convenient card is here to streamline the review process for businesses and customers alike. With just a tap to people’s phones, it effortlessly links them directly to their business’s Google review page, making it incredibly simple to leave a new review. Say goodbye to the hassle of searching and typing—our NFC Review Card puts feedback at your fingertips. Boost your online presence and gather valuable customer insights effortlessly with this innovative solution. Try the NFC Review Card today and unlock the power of seamless review collection!

VBC accessories are integrated with NFC technology. Currently iPhone XR, iPhone XS, all iPhones 11s, all iPhones 12s, all iPhones 13s, all iPhones 14s and most Androids are compatible. 

Android phones must have their NFC enabled in their settings.

QR codes can be shared with any devices. iPhones can scan with the camera, Androids must use a QR scanner app. 

Virtual Business Cards can be loaded on any compatible device regardless if they have a VBC account.

Full list of compatible devices

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Compatible with all smartphones. Both iPhones and Anrdoids

No App Required by either party. Works on all devices.

Lifetime Warranty for any defective products or malfunctions.

Increase your google reviews instantly!


VBC accessories use a wireless technology that allows devices to communicate and transfer data over short distances. It is the same technology used when you tap a credit card to make a payment. Simply tap the accessory to a phone to transfer your card.


No. You do not need an app to use Virtual Business Cards. You can access your card from any browser. 

There is no monthly fee!


Discover the ultimate ease of NFC technology with our remarkable NFC Review Card! Harnessing the power of Near Field Communication, this card makes leaving a review an absolute breeze. Simply tap the NFC Review Card to your phone, and like magic, you'll be instantly connected to your business's Google review page. No more manual searching or typing cumbersome URLs—NFC technology effortlessly bridges the gap between you and your review destination. Experience the simplicity and efficiency of NFC with our innovative NFC Review Card and unlock a new level of convenience in sharing your valuable feedback.


VBC's advanced technology allows you to easily and efficiently share information with new contacts, impressing them with its speed and effectiveness. With features such as contact sharing, CRM integrations, and business card scanning. VBC helps you turn your connections into valuable customers.

In today's fast-paced world, making a good first impression is crucial in building strong business relationships. Using a virtual business card can help you achieve just that. Unlike traditional paper cards, virtual business cards are not only eco-friendly, but they also offer a more modern and professional appearance.

They are easily shareable, and can be customized to showcase your unique brand and messaging. Additionally, virtual business cards provide a convenient way to stay connected with your contacts as they can be easily saved and accessed on mobile devices. By using a virtual business card, you demonstrate your tech-savviness and willingness to adapt to modern business practices, leaving a positive and lasting first impression on your new connections.