Contactless Google Review Stand (3 Pack)

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1 Google Review Stand
3 Google Review Stands
$99.95 $149.95
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Accelerate Local Business Growth with the Optimal Strategy


By simply tapping their NFC-enabled device to the card, customers can initiate the review process instantly.

Accelerated Online Reputation Growth

By leveraging the power of Google reviews, our card helps businesses enhance their online reputation. Positive reviews not only attract new customers but also improve search engine visibility.

Streamlined Review Collection

Our Google Review Card simplifies the process of collecting customer reviews. With a single tap, customers can leave a google review.

Increased Review Engagement

Boost customer engagement by providing a user-friendly and frictionless experience. By reducing barriers to leaving reviews, businesses can encourage more customers to share their feedback.

The Vital Role of Increasing Google Reviews for Your Business

Leverage the Impact of Google Reviews to Accelerate Business Growth

In the digital age, the importance of increasing Google reviews cannot be overstated. Google reviews have become a critical factor in shaping consumer decisions, influencing purchasing choices, and establishing trust in businesses. By actively working to enhance your Google review count and ratings, you can boost your online reputation, improve search engine visibility, and attract more potential customers. Positive reviews and high ratings serve as powerful social proof, giving your business an edge over competitors. Increase your Google reviews today to unlock the growth potential and propel your business towards success.

google review stars

Build Trust and Credibility

Drive Customer Engagement and Conversions

Boost Online Visibility

Simplify Review Collection with the NFC Google Tap Card

Amplify Your Online Reputation With A TAP!

  • Tap and Collect: Customers can conveniently tap their NFC-enabled devices to the card, instantly accessing the Google review submission interface.
  • Streamlined Experience: Simplify the review process for customers by eliminating the need for QR codes or manual search. Just one tap, and they’re ready to leave their feedback
  • Increase Review Quantity: The NFC Google Tap Card simplifies the review collection process, allowing you to gather a higher volume of valuable customer feedback.
  • Strengthen Online Presence: With more Google reviews, you can improve your search engine rankings, stand out from competitors, and enhance your online visibility.


The number of reviews you can collect using the NFC Google Tap Stand is virtually unlimited. The card serves as a seamless gateway for customers to access the Google review submission interface. It allows you to gather an extensive volume of valuable customer feedback and reviews. You can continue collecting reviews as long as customers interact with the card and submit their feedback. The NFC Google Tap Stand empowers you to drive ongoing review collection and amplify your online reputation.

No! Our google review cards are a one time purchase and good for life!

No, the card is only linked to the google business that you provide.

Yes, almost all phones are NFC enabled. However, we include a QR code that also links to your google review page which guarentees 100% functionality every time.

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