Custom Tappable Business Card - Virtual Business Cards

The last card you’ll ever need to purchase! This PVC plastic business card does more than meets the eye. Using NFC wireless technology, you’re able to tap this device to any NFC enabled phone and share whichever link you program your card. We initially set up your card to be used with our TAPN.ME bio-link webpage allows you to create a full website with all our links and social media accounts so you can share all your links with a simple tap or a quick QR Scan!

The cards are 87mm by 57mm (rounded corners) made on PVC and have a clear protective overlay covering the entire card to protect the card’s design from “Rub-offs” or scratches.

After purchase, you must upload your logo/design (Except Branded) by uploading it as a message and or your order. NOTE: We cannot start the process of customizing your card if we don’t have your designs.

1. Virtual Business Card Brand – Our Logo
2. Branded Card – Your Logo

How It Works
-Purchase your device
-Upload your logo (by sending us a message thru Etsy)
-Set Up Your TAPN.ME account (you may log in and create your account or use the email instructions we sent after purchase)
-Tap your TAP to any NFC-enabled Device
-No Charging Required
-No App Required
-Wireless NFC Technology
-Compatible with Newer Android Devices*
-Compatible with iPhone XS, XR, & All New Models (2018+)*

NOTE: If you purchase a QR Code Version, we will automatically set up a TAPN.ME account which can then be changed to any desired link using the LEAP LINK feature.

Custom Tappable Business Card



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