Sharing Your Virtual Business Card

Seamlessly Share Your Virtual Business Card: Effortless Connections at Your Fingertips

VBC Tap Cards

Tap A Phone To Any Of Our Accessories And Your Virtual Card Will Be Instantly Transferred.

digital business cards

Effortless Sharing with NFC Tap Cards: Instantly Transfer Your Virtual Card by Simply Tapping a Phone to Any of Our Accessories. Simplify networking and make connections seamlessly with our innovative NFC technology.

QR codes

Scan In Person And Your Card Will Be Automatically Loaded To The Phone

Sharing Virtual Business Card with QR

Experience Effortless Sharing of Your Virtual Business Card: No Apps Required. Easily activate the QR scanner directly from your phone’s shortcut, allowing your business card to automatically load on the recipient’s device upon scanning. Simplify networking and make connections seamlessly.

Add To Business Cards​

Still Like The Idea Of Distributing Paper Business Cards?

Add your QR code directly to your paper business card. When users scan the QR they will load your virtual business card. 88% of business cards are thrown away in a week, but your contact will save forever.

Text Message

No Need for Face-To-Face Exchanges. Share your virtual business card completely remote.

Optimize your digital business card sharing experience by effortlessly attaching it in a text message. Utilize the convenient built-in button on your card to seamlessly share your contact details via text. Simplify networking, make connections effortlessly, and ensure potential clients can save your information with ease.

Marketing Materials

Increase Lead Generation By Add Your Business Card To Your Marketing Materials. 

Maximize your marketing impact by including your QR code on promotional materials. The QR code will effortlessly direct users to your digital business card, enabling them to contact you directly for inquiries or follow-ups. Enhance convenience and streamline connections with this seamless integration of QR technology.

Social Media

Send Your Business Card Across All Social Media Platforms.

Sharing virtual business card on social media

Optimize your social presence by sharing your virtual business card: Create a post or add your business card link directly to your bio. No longer is there a need for others to send you a message on the platform. They can now conveniently reach out to you directly, streamlining communication and making connections effortlessly.

Email Signature

Share Your Virtual Business Card Like Never Before. Attach Your Card To Every Email.

Optimize your email signature for sharing a digital business card effortlessly. Customize an HTML signature with a button/link to your card, accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Empower potential clients to save your contact information with ease and convenience.