Add Your Virtual Business Card To Your Email Signature

Step 1: Load Our Email Signature Designer

Step 2: Design Your Card & Hit Save

Select one of our pre-made templates and add your information, logo, headshot and more. Once you are completed hit “Save”. This will download an image, make sure you know where the downloaded file saves to. 

Step 3: Upload Your Image To A Web Address

Head over to and upload the file that you downloaded. Copy the link under:

Direct Link To Photo:

Step 4: Go To Your Email

Head over to your email account, go to settings, and find email signatures. Click “Photo” and then “Web Address”, paste the copied photo URL from the previous step.

Step 5: Link Your Card

Once the image is pasted in the email signature highlight the entire image and select the hyperlink option. Copy the URL of your virtual business card from the My Account page.

Save the changes and thats it! Your card will now be linked in your email signature.

Create Your VBC!

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