Virtual Business Cards For Realtors

Get More Leads With The Same Strategies

Applications For Realtors

If you have not heard of a virtual business card before, we will list many ways that it can become a big part of your business, and marketing activities. If you have used a virtual business card before, you may still find a few new ways to increase your social presence.

Realty Signs

Replace your phone number. Place your QR code directly on your realtor signs. As people drive by, have them instantly load your business card on their phone. This allows people to save their contact for when they’re ready to call you. Stop letting pictures of your signs get lost in peoples phones.

Warm Leads

A big way realtors acquire new customers is by the customer directly reaching out to the realtor. Whether this be by text message or by email, following the interaction the realtor will usually send the client their contact information in some form. With our virtual business cards you can text them or email them your business card, giving them a one-touch option to add you to their contacts, along with properties you have available, and more information you provide. This alone has shown to give customers a higher follow up rate due to the ease of access to your information.

Cold Leads

Emailing new clients? Attach your business card to your email signature. Make it one step easier for a client to contact you. Turn cold leads warm with our lead generation feature, recieve their contact infomration when they download yours.

Marketing Mix

Incorporate your business card throughout all of your marketing materials. Whether it is flyers, advertisements, signs, they will all work! Virtual Business Card QR codes are compatible with all mobile phone device types.


Whether you are showing a property, at a networking event or simply just out and about, make a lasting impression with a virtual business card.

Why Go Virtual?

Secure Connections

Secure more connections by making you easy to access. Allow users to add your contact information, call, email, or text you all from your business card.

Generate New Leads

Use our lead generation feature to get notified when someone downloads your contact. With this feature, you will also receive their contact information to follow up.

Stay Up To Date

Update or change your business card at any time. If your information changes update it in seconds with our front-end editor.

Make Sharing Easy

Distribute your information like never before. Aside from our built-in sharing options, add your card to your emails, flyers, and a your marketing materials.

Our Cards Designed For Realtors

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Refer a Broker

Refer a business or organization and receive a referral check for $100 + $1 per card when they sign up to get premium virtual business cards! ​

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